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In the Philippines, around 250,000 children live on the streets, almost 20% of them are in Metro Manila. As we see this need, we have been moved to starting a movement that can transform the lives of these children, eventually transforming the nation.


We go out to the community to build relationships with children we see begging, sniffing glue, collecting scraps, selling sampaguita etc. We invite them to participate in our various activities such as feeding, Bible lessons, reading and writing lessons, games and small group discussions. We provide them opportunities to experience love through friendship with people they would not think cared about them. As we get to know them, we evaluate how we may be of better help to them. We provide aids like scholarship, financial support , and residency in the shelter. Children who are classified as orphaned, abandoned, street children, abused or neglected, who would be permitted by their parents and local government unit are qualified tolive in the Gala shelter in Angono, Rizal where they will experience having a home.



We believe that transformation hardly happens when these children stay in the very environment that pulls them down, taking them out and into a new surrounding can lead to their more progressive and consistent change.


Our approach is both preventive and restorative. By taking the children off the streets, we aim to prevent further damages in their lives. As we take care of them, we work on restoring them through programs that lead to their healing- emotionally, psychologically, physically and spiritually.